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Our THOMS products are designed to have a positive IMPACT on People, Planet and Profit. Without the use of harsh chemicals and thousands of liters water, we are minimalizing the environmental impact for our clients, whilst still delivering the highest quality.*

* The statements below only apply to our THOMS products and tools. These statements are not guaranteed for third party products. 



The THOMS Products are not only designed to make a positive impact on the environment but also to create safe products for your employees.  products do not contain harsh chemicals and are non-toxic, odourless and dust-free. 

All products are water-based and are made with the most durable, high-quality ingredients. Our solvents do not contain harsh chemicals and are non-toxic, odourless and dust-free.  For example; the Pro Clean is made with sugar cane!

Your employees can work safely with these products without any concerns about their health. Of course, we still recommend using protective clothing, to protect against pollution and dirt that is being removed from the surface. 

Working in a sustainable manner is not only relying on our easy-to-use, high-quality products but also enhancing good balanced working methodologies. 

Using high-quality tools contributes to a more efficient washing process which reduces the physical workload.

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All our products are designed to minimise the negative impact on the environment. 

The number one advantage of our concept is saving water. With the THOMS Dry Wash Polish, you can save 5000 litres of water while washing a Boeing 737 or one (large) train carriage. 

While Dry Washing with our THOMS concept, there is no (chemical) spillage on the ground. Preventing groundwater from being polluted and protecting the biodiversity in the direct environment.

All the THOMS tools are made of high-quality materials and are designed to last. For example: Our THOMS telescopic poles are made of glass fibre and our Microfiber cloths can be washed at least 500 times. 

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Not only does our concept have a positive impact on your people and the planet, but can also create opportunities for your organization. The THOMS concept can save on costs, possibly increasing your profit. 

Our Dry Wash products can be used at any desired location. For aircraft, this can be on the ramp and for trains on a shunting yard. There is no transport needed to a special washing hangar or facility, saving not only emissions but also transport/ towing costs. 

In comparison to the traditional wet washes, our concepts allow you to minimise the wash interval by 50%. The operational availability of your aircraft or train increases and your logistic hustle can be decreased. 

In the past years, the THOMS Dry Wash products have shown that they enhance the paint life of your fleet by 30%. This saves re-paint costs.

We are currently investigating the possibility of fuel saving. By Dry Washing your aircraft, the surface is smooth and polished, creating aerodynamic advantages. With less resistance to all different kinds of pollution, there can be long-term savings of fuel. 

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